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Migrate from SkyNFT to the Chia wallet

This guide describes how to migrate your wallet from SkyNFT to the Chia wallet.

SkyNFT home page


  1. A SkyNft account
  2. Chia Client installed

Migrate your SkyNFT wallet

This section describes how to export your SkyNFT wallet mnemonic (24-words) from their website.

Retrieve your wallet mnemonic

Starting from the SkyNft homepage, navigate to Wallet -> New Wallet in the top menu.

SkyNFT home page with menu

You will now see a list of your wallets. You can start the export by clicking Show mnemonic.

SkyNFT wallet list

To confirm the export, you will have to verify your identity by providing both an email Verification Code and a Google two-factor authentication code.
Finally, click Confirm to show mnemonic to reveal your secret wallet key.

SkyNFT wallet show mnemonic

Your mnemonic will look something like this:

isolate hybrid high soon unable effort
hat sister betray emotion tower link
math water trigger usage bring suit
debris length ask hat enjoy panther

Never share this secret key with anyone!

Import your mnemonic into the official Chia wallet

Open the official Chia wallet. There, select Import from Mnemonics (24 Words) to start the import.

Chia wallet import mnemonic

Click Paste mnemonic and then paste the 24 words you have exported from SkyNFT into the provided textarea.

Chia wallet paste mnemonic

After clicking Import, your wallet can now be used in the Chia client! 🌱

Next steps

Use the MintGarden Studio to mint an NFT or bulk mint a whole colleciton of NFTs.