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How to create a collection

This guide describes how to prepare a collection in the community version of MintGarden Studio.

Collections are used to group mutliple NFTs together. You can select the collections in the minting process after you prepare them here.

MintGarden Studio Collections Page


  1. MintGarden Studio

Prepare a new collection

  1. Go to My collections in the main menu.
  2. Click New collection
  3. Fill in the details
  4. Click Save at the bottom


MintGarden Studio Collections Page

Name and Description

This information is prominently displayed on explorers and marketplaces.


If you want to specify attributes in your NFT, you can define the attribute names here. You can then fill in the attribute values for each individual NFT on the minting page.

License URL

By assigning a license to the NFT, buyers of your NFTs will directly see what rights they will receive when owning your NFTs. The content of your license will largely depend on what you as the creator want to achieve.

Some licenses used by other projects:

When in doubt, consult a lawyer to pick the right license for your project. This is not legal advice.

Make sure to point to a plain text file or PDF file here. Pointing to a website will only work if the content of the website never changes.

Twitter Handle



Will be displayed in all explorers and marketplaces. Ideally 512x512.

Will be displayed in some explorers, such as

Ideally a 4:1 ratio.